Looking For a Local Painting Company in Amarillo, TX?

Turn to Alpha Painting for top-tier painting services

If your home or office needs a fresh coat of paint, turn to Alpha Painting. Our family-owned and -operated painting company provides residential and commercial painting services in the Amarillo, TX area. You can expect our talented team to help transform the look of your property with just a coat of paint.

Call 806-376-0376 today to share what you have in mind with our dedicated painting contractor.

Our painting services

Need comprehensive painting services? Alpha Painting is the best company for the job. Our local painting company offers...

  • Interior painting services: Our painters can freshen up your walls, ceiling, trim, molding and doors
  • Exterior painting services: Ask us to paint or stain your garage, deck, patio or brick walls

We work on residential, commercial and new construction properties. Reach out today to get a free in-person estimate. We offer a discount for military personnel.

Why should you hire a professional painting crew?

Painting may sound simple, but achieving clean, long-lasting results can be more complicated than you think. By hiring Alpha Painting to handle your paint job, you can be sure everything is done right the first time. Working with professional painting contractors saves you:

  • Time - don't waste your free time painting when you can enjoy your weekend instead
  • Money - you won't have to waste money on expensive painting tools that you'll only use once
  • Stress - no need to worry about fixing streaks, smears, imperfect edges and other common DIY issues

You'll be glad you left your paint project to us. Contact our local painting company today to get started.